Patient Satisfaction

  1. Creates warm gingival hue-produces a more natural looking restoration

  2. Instant gratification for patient

  3. Leads to increased referrals

Ease of Use

  1. Universal

  2. Can be completed chairside or in laboratory

Provides Gingival Support

  1. Maintains and supports gingival architecture yielding more predictable aesthetics and better out comes for final restoration

Fast and Economical

  1. Can eliminate the need for Essex Retainers, flippers and conventional healing abutments

  2. Predictable outcomes yield fewer costly adjustments and less chair time for patient

  3. Universal means less inventory to keep on hand in your office


Why a Universal Transitional Abutment?

It’s simply the easiest way to give your implant patients an esthetic temporary

Processed Tooth Form on UTA

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